If I wish to carry a listed load, how do I request assignment of the load to me?
    After locating a load in the NuTruck list click the 'more info' button. The More Info screen will load and display load details and contact information for the traffic department at the shipping division. You can call he telephone number listed or email to request assignment of a load.  Policies regarding traffic and carriers may be different at each division, so please discuss this with the traffic coordinator.

What is a Web IQ number? 
    The WebIQ number is the number which identifies each different load. You need to refer to this number when calling the traffic department number request a load assignment.
Why would a load be retracted from website?
    Loads are retracted once a qualified carrier contacts the traffic department and the load is assigned.
What is an Auto Notification? 
    Auto notifications are a way to be notified when new loads become available in an area of particular interest to you.  To create an auto notification, you simply define the city that you wish to have automatically monitored.  You also define a distance specifying how far away from that city your alert area extends.   Whenever a new load which falls within your auto notification alert area is submitted, you will be notified via e-mail.
How do the Loads get to the website? 
    Loads are submitted by the individual divisions of Nucor. The traffic department at each division decides which loads to make available and periodically submits them.  Once a load is assigned to a carrier by the traffic department, that load is then retracted from NuTruck.com.  There will be some delay from the time that a load is assigned to the time when the load is actually retracted. 
Why is there a page listing Recently Claimed Loads? 
    The Recently Claimed Loads screen displays all the loads that have been retracted within the last 10 days.   This will permit a carrier to become aware that a load has been assigned and is no longer available.
What does it mean when the "Filter" message appears on the main page? 
    The 'Filter' message is to alert the user that the list of loads, they are currently viewing, is being filtered. Loads can be filtered by several criteria such as the 'source division' and the 'destination state'. When these filters are set, only loads meeting the criteria are displayed while all other loads become hidden.  The 'filter' message provides a reminder that some loads may not be visible due to the current settings.  Pressing the 'Clear Filter' button will return the list to a fully populated state.  There are also 'sort by ' settings visible at the top of the Main screen.  Resorting the list simply changes the order in which the loads are listed, but does not hide any loads from view.

How is the Freight Mileage determined? 
   Each division employs its own practices and software to determine freight mileage. The computed mileage listed for each load represents the maximum mileage that may be invoiced.

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